About Yannig Kervella and Dimitri Rolando

My name is Yannig Kervella, I was a professional rider in Motocross and Supercross for 15 years. My results were 8th at the world championship, 5 podiums on GPs, 2nd at the Motocross of Nations, 6 times French Motocross champion and 2 times vice champion at the French Supercross championship.

During these long years I learned from my mistakes, then I decided to become a motocross supercross coach/trainer. My first rider was Frederic Vialle he became 3rd at the world championship in 1996 with YAMAHA.

Then I trained Frédéric Bolley he became World Champion in 1999 and 2000 with HONDA HRC.

Sébastien Tortelli HONDA in USA for SX and MX which has unfortunately experienced a lot of injuries in 2001 and 2002 won several motocross US outdoor Championship races.

Then I started to train motocross young kids Jordi Tixier, David Adam and Alexis Verhaeghe. Jordi Tixier with KTM finished 3rd in 85cc World championship 2007 behind Ken Roczen and Max Anstie, then World champion 125 in 2010 with KTMvice champion in MX2 World championship in 2013 and World Champion MX2 (2014) Kawasaki.

In 2009 I started a new adventure with Marvin Musquin with KTM who instantly became World Champion in 2009 and 2010, we moved to USA on SX and MX in 2011 with KTM USA . I have also coached the American rider Darryn Durham (KAWASAKI PRO CIRCUIT) on SX before he gets hurt.

In 2015 and 2016 I have coached Arnaud Tonus (KAWASAKI PRO CIRCUIT) SX and MX to finish the season 2016 with a Podium in MX at Southwick.

I have trained motocross riders intermittently as Killian Auberson with KTM and his brother Kevin Auberson KTM in MX and SX. Alexis Verhaeghe Kawasaki in MX and SX, his brother Scotty Verhaeghe Kawasaki in MX,. Pierre Goupillon Kawasaki in MX (3 months in USA) 3rd Europe 125 in 2016.

Today I train Jo Shimoda Champion en Amateur Supermini KTM in MX and Factory rider for Geico/Amsoil/HONDA team in USA,. Winner of the Monster Energy cupAmateur in 2018, Kaed Kniffing ( several amateur 125cc wins in USA) rider with KTM, Marcello Leodoricco (winner of several Championship amateur 85cc in 2017/2018) rider with KTM, Rylan Bly (2nd Loretta Lynns Amateur C 2017) rider Husqvarna, Masashi TEGURI young Japanese rider with Suzuki 3rd in national Japanese championship pro in 2018, Austin Black young 17 year old American rider SUZUKI Bar MX 2018 team. Jack Fawler podium at Loretta Lynn 2018 Bar MX 2018 team SUZUKI rider, Xylian Ramella young Switzerland rider on KTM in 2018, William Mac Bride 17 years old rider KAWASAKI BUD Racing in USA , Alessio Sasso young 17 year old American rider KAWASAKI.

Dimitri Rolando with his experience of professional rider these past 5 years with 5 SX in the USA in 2016 and 2017 will bring an extra eye to your riding.

Motocross is an exceptional and exciting sport but it is also one of the hardest sports, that is. To get the best Motocross training skills from each of you, you will have to learn to master all the preparation necessary as most champions do, and this in the best motocross country in the world as USA.

Yannig Kervella