MX and SX training in California

Come in California to train in motocross and supercross all year long, for MX or SX training lessons to fitness training if needed. You will ride Glen Helen Raceway, Milestone MX park, Pala raceway, Perris raceway, Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, Competitive Edge MX park and all the best motocross tracks in SoCal...

MXeCOACHING is a Motocross and Supercross riding school for Professional, Amateur, Beginner or Children riders.

Motocross training lessons based on technic and fitness coaching.

The riding lesson is an half day of training. We use videos to analyze and correct your body position on the bike. You will receive professional advices to improve your speed, technic and safety. We accept every level of riders depending the time of the year. When there is too much difference we're working on seperate groups. 6/7 riders per group for a better explanation on motocross training skills.

Fitness training (3 sessions per week). On this session we coach you how to: warm-up, cardio, strength training, intensity and stretching. The session is adapted to your needs.

We can make a personalized MX or SX training program and send it to you.

Motocross bikes rental (125, 250 4t or 450 4t) the rental includes gas and transportation at the track.

Example for 1 week (4 days of driving) on all the mythical Californian circuits Glen Helen, Lake Elsinore, Fox Raceway, Statefair, Cahuilla creek, Perris etc ...

Dimitri Rolando (5 nights show in SX 2016 and 2017) will take you to my side.

Motorcycle Statefair 3h and Gym afternoon
2 h
Motorcycle Pala 3h and Gym afternoon
2 h
3h of motocross riding at Glen Helen and Gym in the afternoon.
2 h
Motorcycle Perris 3h and Gym or Bike afternoon
2 h